Move completed tasks below open tasks

Seems rudimentary but I can’t find how to move tasks that are completed below one that are active.

The completed tasks stack on top of the open ones, so if you have a long list of tasks in a view (day), completed can soon push actives out of view. That seems to be the opposite of what you’d want; push completed below current actives.

Anyway to do this?

Hi @pairof9s, thanks for the feedback.

On day, week and month views, completed tasks are sorted by completion date with existing tasks' due date. You can tap checkmark on top right to show/hide completed tasks.

On List view, it'll be sorted at the bottom.


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Thanks for the quick answer. Not really what I wanted to hear, but if that's how it works then so be it. Most other to do apps will push the completed to the bottom area/below open tasks (see TickTick example here). As I stated, this GT approach makes it harder on longer D/W/M view lists to see the active tasks. I'd at least like to have the option/setting to push these down.

Again, thanks for your response.