Multiple Tags

Hi there.
I have just downloaded the GoodTask app and notice that my tags are showing…and they can’t be searched on.
In the iOS reminders app all of my reminders have one or more (usually more) tags set.
I worked out how to display them so if l create a new reminder l can select from the tags list that was created in the iOS reminders app, but when l create any smart list to display only a certain tag nothing shows. If l search on a tag for a reminder l have just created within GoodTask it shows as it should.
It’s like the information has been “Imported” into Good Task.
I know l can go in and add them to each reminder..but l have hundreds of items so this would be time consuming.
What am l missing please.

Hi @Leilajake, thanks for the feedback.

Since Apple does not open tag-related info that's made in Reminders app, it's very limited for GoodTask to manage it. To make tags fully useful in GoodTask, you need to use tags in GoodTask which is a text string that's saved in notes field. I'll keep an eye on how Apple changes its behavior. Thanks!

So effectively l am going to have to recreate my tags system for ALL my reminders in GoodTask. Are you looking at being able to import tags in the future?

There is no plan to import tags at the moment. I'd like to fully support it if Apple opens it up but since they're not doing it yet, there is no particular plan about this. I'll keep your feedback though. Thanks!

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