Multistep Action Help! Duplicate, Rename, Tag

Hi, I have spent 1 hour trying to make this quick action and failed. Anyone?

  1. Take a task (“NSF Deadline”, as example), due 5/1/21
  2. Duplicate the task
  3. Change the title to NSF Report (I know I can prompt and add at the end “Report” but can I delete “Deadline” from the task title?, or clear the title and prompt for new one?
  4. Clear the tag “#deadline
  5. Assign the tag “#proposal
  6. Take the due date and subtract 15 days from original due date

The end result is a task named “NSF Proposal”, tagged #proposal, due date 4/15/21

Thank you!

Hi @manuelescolano, thanks for the feedback. Below is what I came up with with some explanations.

2.. You can choose Duplicate to change the task or 'Follow up' to make a completed task of current form and make a new duplicate afterwards.

3.. Title can't be changed or cleared at the moment. You need to add something at front or end. I'll keep it on the list to consider.

6.. Date needs to be 16 for 5/1 to move to 4/15.