My 2 Cents (and an extra)

1. Non-standard sheet

The toolbar plus sign in the Lists view for adding new smart lists, reminders lists etc - seems to be using an atypical non-system sheet instead of standard Action Sheet. Please consider using the standard one, because the current one looks very out of place design-wise, has horrible performance (animation stutters on my iPhone), and is just a bad experience on iPad.

2. Better Calendar

2.1: Once an event is passed, it evaporates from the app. It doesn’t show up in list view, or any of the calendar views. I can’t even display today’s events! very useful to reflect, or when I miss an event, to reschedule etc.

Creating a smart list that shows all scheduled tasks will stop showing calendar events. I understand that due to repeating events, it would basically turn into an infinite list of events.

Maybe just show an X number of events and load more as the user scrolls? (Like in other calendar apps).

The limitation can be worked around by creating this filter: Show all scheduled tasks OR Show all scheduled tasks within X days/weeks. It will show all scheduled tasks and all events up to the specified X. Please at least change the upper limit of weeks to 52 weeks (better, 53), so we can have a full year view of the events. 50 is such a weird limit, so close to a full year.

Extra: Can you consider making “!” (priorities) color the same as list color, like in Reminders app?

![image|690x299](upload://A9ZCf0xwhXefGti22ck40e0yGHL.jpeg) ![image|326x294](upload://iBgWdZ46Vrs2uqcNYLqqV8TMO47.jpeg)
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Hi @fireworker, thanks for the feedback.

  1. This will get better on iOS 14. :slight_smile:

  2. As you may already know, you can see calendar events on day, week and month views. If you tap circle button on top right (2nd), it'll show/hide completed tasks and passed events.

I'll check the filters and will extend it to 53 on next update. :slight_smile:

Currently you can change priority color by managing themes. I'll consider your suggestion.


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