My list setup

Works great for my needs.

About the only thing I am missing is automatic tag searches.


Nice set up! How are you handling projects with your workflow?

A major project is getting its own list. Which is the majority of my projects.
A minor project is a top level task with project number as a tag, subtasks, and a due date changing based on when the next task is due.
I also make a conscious effort to never use my task list as a dump for all project activity, i.e. I don't use it for planning a project. I plan the project in other apps (Onenote, MS project etc) and only export concrete, actionable tasks to my task manager. Otherwise it would get full of top level tasks that don't represent concrete actions and only clog the list.

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That all makes sense. I assume all of your projects live below the “Lists” heading where the image cuts off. :slight_smile:

Personally, I try to keep my list structure relatively fixed. Projects come and go, but I find that when I have too many lists I can get a bit overwhelmed.

Up until very recently, I had one list (Projects Index) that stored projects, where each project was a reminder with a bit of info, a link to notes in and a link to a corresponding mind map in iThoughts, all automatically generated for minimum fuss.

I tried using tags to track projects in GoodTask, but found the friction of embedding tags in GoodTask a little too much work. And as long as I have a unique project title or identifier, search in GoodTask serves well to pull up a smart list of reminders related to a specific project if/when needed. (That said @GoodTask: any plans to further develop the way tags work in the future will be gratefully received :))

More recently, I’ve shifted to mapping projects out using MindNode. It has its quirks, but the sync between MindNode and Reminders works well, and it gives me a planning area for my projects that serves the visually driven part of my brain well, again with minimum fuss. Each task MindNode generates automatically comes with a “path” which includes the project identifier; no need to tag manually. So, similar to your set-up, GoodTask stores my actionable items. The higher “project view” lives elsewhere…

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That all makes sense. I assume all of your projects live below the “Lists” heading where the image cuts off.

Yes. That's why it's cut off - too many specific details.

Projects come and go, but I find that when I have too many lists I can get a bit overwhelmed.

Yes, that's why I have permanent smart lists that pull information from project lists. You can see them in that screenshot. The project lists don't get used often, for the very reason you mentioned.

That's how I use these lists:

Work Day - the tasks that I manually assign to be worked on today. I do it via top priority.

In process - the tasks with start date on or before today.

Deadlines - the tasks that have an actual due date, as opposed to an arbitrary one I assinged. I mark them using #Due tag.

All WRK - a master list of all work tasks across all projects (lists).

Stinkers - the tasks that I keep postponing, for one reason or another. For work tasks, that's usually due to other people. That's so I don't lose track of a task that has been open for a long time but keeps getting delayed.

These lists are what I use on a daily basis. The project-specific lists live collapsed under the "Lists" group, and are out of sight most of the time.

As far as tagging, I find it very easy using Quick Action, but most of my tags are fixed so easy to pre-fill.

Using a mind mapper is great, I did that for a while. My favorite one was iThoughts. The issue I ran into was that large projects were a little too much for a mindmap, at some point it gets hard to navigate. Onenote is a better tool for that. Also Onenote is better suited for some business tasks like taking meeting notes. But if your primary work laptop is a Macbook, Onenote doesnt' have all of the tools it has on Windows.


same workflow, but I use Agenda for projects. Mindnode2 works fine. In Agenda use links to mind node or reminders. All taks done in goodtask are done in mindnode.