Neon Spaces - [Theme] (iOS & iOS Widgets)

Neon Spaces - [Theme] (iOS & iOS Widgets)

Vibrant & Simple*

Howdy Everyone,

I have decided to share with you my preferred way of viewing tasks in Goodtask.

This theme features many neon colours and is best viewed at night. I am currently still working on a light/day version of this theme, any suggestions or requests are also valued.

I noticed that not too many have been sharing their themes as of late, but that surely did not demotivate me to share. I will also include a widget theme that I made to match the main theme. Please reach out to me if you enjoyed it, as I would like to get additional input on the use of the theme.


Benji C.


Open Peeps - Avatar

P.S. this theme is currently not outfitted for iPad, but will be in the near future.


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Thanks for the post. Looks great! Please share the code for others to use. To do it,

  1. Go to 'Manage Themes' and select the theme, choose 'Share'.
  2. Copy text
  3. On this forum's post, click link button on top and paste the code text to URL and set optional title to something like 'Tap to import'.


I cannot believe I neglected to. Totally went right past me, will update now`


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Looks great. Thanks!

This is awesome, thank you! :100: