New Feature: "Start Date" without "Due Date"

Would it be possible to add an ability to set a "Start Date" without a "Due Date"? (When using the "Advanced" Date Type setting)

I have many cases of ToDos that need to start on a given day, but they do not have any specific deadline. In other words, they cannot become overdue.

This is also useful when you want to defer a task. The "Start Date" effectively represents the "Defer To" date. Having such possibility, you could eg. hide all the tasks with Start Date in the future. This is very helpful: you do not have to think (because you don't see them) about the tasks now. I know that it's currently possible, but with a limitation that you have to set the Due Date. Which, for many tasks, is not required.


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Thanks for the feedback.

Since GoodTask is based on Reminders database, it's mandatory to have due date when start date is set on data structure.

I'll keep it on the list to consider though. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick reply!

Maybe as a workaround, we could set the "type" of a Due Date per Task (if the Due Date is the only date that is set), eg. it could be a real "Deadline" (meaning, it can become overdue, with all the consequences), or only a "Defer Date". What do you think?

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I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!