New MacOS Ventura Beta

Perils of installing a 1st developer beta but it seems that there is a massive memory leak or something that the app uses so much memory that Mac OS runs out of memory and asks you to quit some apps. The app with the biggest memory usage is Goodtasks with 41gb


Weird things could happen more on beta. Try restarting the app or device. Thanks!

Have to force quit it then eventually happens again. Something similar could be happening on iOS as that keeps quiting itself and I think iOS quits apps that take too much memory?

My fault.

I'm getting this with GoodTask on my MacBook running Monterey 12.4. Memory starts at 1GB and is up to 3 within about 30 seconds. Eventually it gets to over 20GB and I get the 'out of application memory' message and have to quit it.

Good to know Peter thanks. Maybe not my rash decision to try the beta then.