New Task from grouped board – Add tags from associated board only

an extension of the existing feature "New Task: Contextual: Smart List" – that filters by board view tags

My use case:

  • I have a smart list that filters by tag1 or tag2 or tag3.
  • With a default view of "board - tag"
  • When clicking the "+" icon below an individual board, the new task adopts all 3 tags from the smart list.
  • Ideally, the new task would adopt only the tags from that board.
  • Even better: this setting could be toggled per list (rather than in global preferences)

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Hi @mcgrealife, thanks for detail feedback.

Normally if you turn off 'Contextual - Smart List' option, it should work like you mentioned on 'Board - Tag' view.

Even when the option is turned on, I think working as you mentioned is the right way. I'll take a look.



This is fixed on 7.0.1. Thanks!