New Task (No Time Needed)


Please tell me how to set my settings so that no time automatically appears on new tasks.


You can set default due date on ‘Settings - New task’. :wink:


I am lost. Please give me specific instructions.



In Goodtask, go into settings, choose new task. In there you can set up how a default task looks when you create it. Select due date, then select none. After that, there should be no due date when you create a task.
Hope this helps.

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I need the tasks that are due and overdue to appear on the list of tasks. I use the task list as a list of things to be done. In the old days, I didn’t need a list, I just remembered what needed to be done.


I'm not entirely sure I understand, but if you want the default to be a due date and no time, I think if you go into new task in settings, set a default due date then tap no time you'll get what you need. I'm a bit rusty on due dates, my own system almost never uses them, :slight_smile:


Thanks for your assistance. I am trying to get this program to act like my old program. Have had some success, but other failures.