New tasks pasted from copied text in clipboard memory not showing in GT but do show in Reminders - AND Sub-tasks don't become Tasks when converting a Task to a List

Hello GoodTask.

I've just recently discovered this app and am trying to set it up as I develop my own GTD system.
So far it seems very flexible and powerful and I seem to be able to design the structure I need to handle Next Actions, Projects, Waiting For, and Incubate / Someday Maybe items alongside Calendar events (and also Horizons of Focus using the GT Goals feature).


I want to make a new List from a Task that has Sub-tasks, and for the Sub-tasks to become new Tasks in the new List. I can see that tne new List name adopts the original name of the Task it came from, but I thought the Sub-tasks would also come across as new Tasks in the newly created List but this doesn't seem to happen.

Another issue I found is that even if I have several lines of copied text in clipboard memory, I cannot "Add" tasks using the option to add tasks from memory. The new tasks never show in GT - however they do show in Reminders...

FYI - I'm using an iPhone 6+ (several years old) - iOS v12.4.7 (I can't update to iOS 13)

Thank you!

Hi @Graeme, thanks for using GoodTask.

I've just tested 2 things you've mentioned on iOS 12 and it seems to be working fine.

I added a new task with 3 subtasks. Inside that task, I've selected 'More' button on top right and chose Task -> List. This made a new list with 3 tasks.

Also I've long tapped '+' button while having clipboard with 3 line of text. Chose '3 Tasks from copied text' and 3 tasks have been made successfully.

If yours doesn't work like this, please give me some more details including screenshots/screen recordings if possible to


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Thank you @GoodTask for the speedy response!

I thought both issues used to work before - so I'm not sure why it's suddenly not working for me now. I checked my iCloud and iPhone storage and there's plenty of capacity on both so I don't think it's a storage issue. I've restarted fhe iPhone a couple of times (from full power shutdown) but that didn't seem to help either.

I'll take some iPhone screenshots or screencapture videos etc to try and demonstrate if the problem persists.

Is there a limit on the number of Reminder lists perhaps? This wouldn't seem to be the issue because the added new tasks from clipboard memory are showing on Reminders!

Anyway it's a fabulous app / tool and I think there is so much potential - although I'm still a relative GTD novice I've seen David Allen's YouTube video on his "perfect" app wishlist and I've read/listened to the GTD book several times and perhaps GoodTask (with careful customized structured design upfront) is close to being the "perfect" GTD app (in my opinion).


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Hello again @GoodTask,

I just sent an email with screenshot video capture of my iPhone and basic explanation. I am still having the same issues as explained above. Hoping the video might shed some light on the issues I'm having.

Let me know if you need any more information etc.

Thanks again!

Good morning @GoodTask.

Just wanted to follow up to let you know that it seems to be working again - very, very happy!!!!

Not sure what exactly happened yesterday - but perhaps something to do with my aging iPhone...

I will now try to rebuild my system from my backup etc. - it's also a good opportunity to clean up all the Lists and Tasks :grinning:


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