New User...A Few Things

I am using the trial macOS version so all of these items are in respect of the macOS trial version:

BUG: I have discovered a big. I have ceated a Smart List call All which lists all reminders with a default list view which is sorted List Order -> Alphabet -> Due Date. When I change / edit 1 reminder and then click on another reminder, the Smart List changes from displaying all Reminders to displaying tomorrow's Reminders.

CLOUD SYNC: Is there a setting to turn iCloud Sync on / off? If yes then where is it?

TEMPLATES: I found the template "section" in the Settings -> New Task menu but have a formatting question, see below for more detail.?

TEXT SNIPPETS: I found the text snippet "section" in the Settings -> New Task menu but do not understand how / where they would be used. Please explain and provide examples.

I thank you in a dance for your responses.

Very much enjoy the App, it is excellent!


I have figured out how templates work; great feature.

I do have one follow up, how do I get rid of the [] that appear four times at the top of the reminder as seen by the red eclipse in the below image.

It would be great to be able to get rid of these [].

Thank you.

Hi Joel, thanks for the feedback.

  1. I'm not sure I'm understanding your bug report. Please send screen recordings to

  2. Preferences - Sync - Automatic Preferences Sync. This iCloud sync works for preferences only. Tasks that's used in GoodTask is from Reminders app's database so if you use iCloud as datasource for Reminders, it'll sync through iCloud. If you use local database on Reminders, it'll show you local database on GoodTask.

  3. Normally empty [] should not appear. Each subtask is a line of text in Notes field of Reminders database so it can't contain line breaks. This may be related to this.

  4. Text snippets are a bit like natural language processing. You type in the snippets while adding a new task and it'll change according to the rules you've selected.

You may check User guide for more details.


Appreciate the response and in response note:

  1. Bug: I will send a video later in teh day.

  2. Preferences: Understood.

  3. Templates:: You are correct in that the "[]" were in respect to line breaks I left in the subtask list break into groups; once I removed the line breaks the "[]" disappeared.

One follow up, it appears as though the notes section must have at least 1 line of text (even space will work). I tried to remove the space so that the subtask were listed immediately under teh title, is there a way to fix this?

  1. Text Snippets: Your explanation was very helpful. A few follow ups:

a) Is there a way to make a string of text rather than just the one word following the @tag f/ #tag; fore example, when I write "@this is a text of the text snippet" only the word "this" appears in the notes section. Is there a way to get the enter sentence to appear in the notes section.

b I notices that in Settings -> Sort -> Tag Type one can specify the various tags used. It appears that both tags (i.e., @ and #) enter text in the notes field. Is there way to change where the text is entered; for exam @ -> notes, # -> subtasks?

c. What is the difference between Settings -> General -> Tag on -> Notes vs Settings -> General -> Tag on -> Title

  1. Appearance:: Is there an Auto color theme that changes from light / dark at sunrise / sunset? This would be wonderful feature to have>

Excellent app. I will be purchasing it!

Thank you!

  • Subtasks in Reminders app’s Notes field: line break is made to separate notes and subtasks.

  • the text you add is going to notes field since it’s recognized as tag. ‘Tag on Notes’ option is related to this behavior. Tag in GoodTask is just a string that’s read from title or notes field.

  • Theme can be set to change with time or dark mode or screen brightness.


Appreciate all the time taken to respond and the support.

RE TAGS: I understand that it is meant to act like a tag (i., capture the one word following the tag symbol and not an entire string). I am still confused about the difference between "Tag on Notes" vs. "Tag on Tittles", cab you please explain this?

Thank you.

When you add a tag through Quick actions, it’ll add it on Notes field or Title field depending on the option. Thanks!

Appreciated, thank you and understood!

Hmmm, I juste tette it, not sure the option is working as my @tags are always appearing in the notes.

It doesn't apply to previous tags. It only adds/removes tags from the title/notes when you run tag related quick actions. Thanks!

Apologies but can you please explain, not sure I understand. Thx!

You can use Quick actions to add or remove or switch tags.

If you have ‘Tags on title’ option set, that tag will be added on title field. If you have ‘Tags on notes’ option set, the tag will be added on notes field.


Appreciate the feedback but I must be something wrong.

I am entering a new Reminder and regardless of whether I have "Tags on Notes"or "Tags -> Titles" the tags are being displayed in the Notes section,

Please explain / help.

Thank you.

How are you adding a tag? If you're typing a new tag, it won't affect this setting. It'll only work for quick action.

If you want to keep tags in title, you might want to check off '#tag -> Notes' Text Snippet inside 'Preferences - New Task - Text Snippets'.


Appreciated and there is the issue; I was typing the tags.

Understood that the setting "Tags on Title" and "tag on Notes" only works for QuikcActions.

Thank you!