New user confused by Reminders


I'm a new Goodtask user (since yesterday!) and I really like the idea of it being a rich-featured and customisable wrapper around Apple's Reminders. So yesterday I added 36 new tasks (all recurring) to Goodtask (v7.1.4) running on macOS Monterey 12.4. I was pleased to see that the tasks immediately appeared in the Reminders app on macOS, and also in Goodtask and Reminders on my iPhone running iOS 15.5, so everything is clearly synchronising nicely through my iCloud account.

This morning 9 of my tasks were due to be actioned, and having completed 2 of them I marked them as completed in Goodtask on macOS. The outstanding tasks counter correctly reduced from 9 to 7 in Goodtask on my iMac, and also moments later on my iPhone. Great! However the Reminders app on my iMac and iPhone still both show 9 tasks outstanding as if nothing has been marked as completed.

To check this I logged onto Reminders on my iCloud account ( and it correctly shows that the two tasks I checked as completed this morning in Goodtask have been updated, because the due date of these two recurring tasks has been correctly rolled forward to the next occurrence in the future.

So I think that Goodtask is behaving correctly as I expected but somehow the Reminders apps on both macOS and iOS aren't being updated. How can this be if Goodtask on iOS and Reminders on iCloud have been updated? I've tried closing both Reminders apps, I've tried restarting my iPhone and my iMac, yet they still show all today's tasks as outstanding. It will become confusing if Reminders shows a different outstanding task count from Goodtask. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but can you suggest what it might be?


Hi Lanky, thanks for the feedback.

Normally GoodTask fetches data from local Reminders app's database so it should show the same data. According to your explanation, it seems like the data has changed properly but not showing correct data in the Reminders app only. In that case, what I would recommend is restarting Reminders app and see how it goes.

If the issue continues please share some screenshots to Thanks!

Thanks for your speedy reply. I have tried restarting the Reminders app, on both macOS and iOS, at least ten times. I've also restarted my iMac and my iPhone three times but Reminders on both platforms still hasn't updated certain recurring tasks that were checked as completed in GoodTask. The Reminders apps think they're still overdue, while GoodTask has already scheduled the repeat task in the future.

Possibly an important clue here is that all the tasks which haven't been updated in Reminders have a more complex repeat pattern which shows as: Advanced - GoodTask Only. All other tasks with a simpler repeat (e.g. daily) were correctly rolled forward to the next date in Reminders when I marked them as complete in GoodTask.

I'll continue to explore this for a week or two because I don't want to waste your time. I really want to stick with GoodTask because there are several features that really make my life easier (e.g. the customisable snooze durations for notifications is a huge help for my workflow). However if I assemble evidence of a reproducible flaw in the logic I'll mail you screenshots but for now I'll just ignore the incorrect information that Reminders is displaying.

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