Newbie Help

Hi I’ve not purchased GT yet just trying to see if it will work well for me.
Id like to use Apple reminders and also add to ical which I believe GT will do but not sure how to do this and finding clear instructions (find the ones on here a bit hard to follow) or tutorials has been difficult .
Any advise or links to instructions I can dive into.
At this point I really want to add a reminder or to do list and have it showing in ical .
Cheers Simon

Update ..
I’ve purchased the GT App and all seems to be pretty straightforward and read the help files.
Still confused over iCal.
Have I misunderstood.
I’m adding a reminder say in Apple reminder and that syncs with GT where I can edit further.
Should this reminder show up in ical which is what I’d like it to do? Or have I misunderstood and it only pulls existing entities from ical into GT?

The reminder and calendar events work separately. It pulls data from iCal and reminder separately and keep it distinct. You should be able to add new events, try long pressing the plus icon, it will give you some options.

Thanks for the feedback. As @Eleanor said, tasks are from Reminders app and calendar events are from Calendars (iCal) app. They’re separate data and you can see them altogether in GoodTask.

You can long tap + button to add calendar events. You can also long tap on calendar to add on the selected date.


Thanks to you both.