No Events but Reminders OK Apple Watch

This seems to happen every few months and I have no idea why (and neither does tech support)!

I use GoodTask exclusively on my Apple Watch. I can enter a Reminder on my iPhone or on my watch directly (usually using Siri) and it will be populated in the complication on my watch correctly. However, when I add an Event on either my iPhone or my watch it will not show up in the complication on my watch. If I open the app on my iPhone the Event is present.

Any ideas why Events do not show up on the watch, only Reminders?

Hi @rainman1962, thanks for the feedback. I just tested by adding a calendar event on Apple Watch with Siri and also on iPhone and it's getting added to the app well. You may need to open the app on Apple Watch and wait a moment for the data to come in.

There are several limits on API which is making it hard to improve watch app at the moment. I'm keeping an eye on it and will try to improve performance of the watch app in the future.