No 'Today Page' widget on iOS?

Hi there;

How do I show the tasks on the 'Today Page' (not the default Smart list titled 'Today') on the widget?

The 'Today Page' is my favourite feature of GoodTask: everyday, I am prompted to review today's tasks, with the ability to include any suggested random, undated tasks into today's to-do list. I love that I can add any #Home chores to today's list, or even knock off a few of the #Someday tasks--especially if I can see that I'm going to have a slow day, without any scheduled/dated tasks for the day.

However, these tasks on the 'Today Page' do not show up on the iOS widget with the 'Today' Smart List selected. Maybe because my #Home chores are undated?

I understand that there is also a separate 'Next' widget (which I also find useful), but no 'Today Page' widget? I've only started using GoodTask for a few days, & it has already helped me so much with tackling my never-ending to-do list. But maybe this widget option is missing until I unlock the app?

Am I missing something in the settings to enable the 'Today Page' as a list itself? I would really appreciate any insight into this--thanks!

Hi @juno, thanks for using GoodTask.

Currently 'Today page' doesn't have its dedicated widget. I'll keep it on the list to consider.


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Yes, I want this widget too please!

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For me, that was also one of the first things I wondered. The "Today page" is extremely helpful, but I stopped using it, because there is no widget for it and I cannot view it on my watch.

I understand that it is probably difficult to achieve, because the "Today page" has to be filled every day. If you don't, the widget/watch will probably be empty or show outdated data.

Still, I'd like to tune in. If that's somehow possible, I'd be extremely happy.

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Here´s another request for a Today Page Widget - would be extremely helpful

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