Not getting notifications from GoodTask on iPhone or iPad

I've been using the app for 3 years now, but recently I'm not getting notifications from GoodTask on my iPhone or iPad. If I turn on the notifications for Apples Reminders app I get the notifications from that, but still nothing from GoodTask.

Both my iPhone and iPad have notifications enabled in the GoodTask app settings as well as the iOS/iPadOS settings, and both devices have background app refresh enabled for GoodTask.

I'm not sure what's going on with the notifications, since they have previously worked fine. I really like the app layout and functionality, and I would hate to have to start looking around for a new reminders app but getting notifications for tasks/ reminders is essential.

Sounds to me like a restart devices thing. Have you tried?

Hi @lola_se79, thanks for the feedback.

  1. Check if you have latest version of the app and try restarting the device like @BoEast mentioned.
  2. Check settings inside ' > Settings > General > Notifications'
  3. Check default ' > Notifications > GoodTask'
  4. Task detail showing 'Alert'

If the issue persists, please send me screenshots to Thanks!

I have restarted my iPhone, and I also reinstalled the app (even though I already had the most recent version).
I did get a notification for a newly created task yesterday, and the "start the day" task generated a notification this morning.
I am starting to wonder if not getting notifications for my old postponed and/or recurring tasks has anything to do with me having selected "ignore" on the reminders pop-up on my Macbook in the past (where I just have the standard reminders app).
I've got a few days off coming up, so I'll add some new reminders (and also duplicate some of the older ones) and do some further testing.

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