Not syncing with Exchange anymore?


Hi, I am using Goodtask in oder to have a todo App on my iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) which syncs with my tasked created and edited at work with MS Exchange.

Since migrating to iOS 13 the tasks in Goodtask do not seem to sync with Exchange anymore.

As far as I remember I converted the reminder database on both device to the new format (how can I check this?)


Hi @TRq, thanks for using GoodTask. Normally it should work. You should check default Reminders app first and then default Settings app's 'Passwords & Accounts' section to see if it's properly logged in.



Looks like I fixed it: I have de- and re-activated reminders at the Exchange account and closed and restartet both the Reminder and the GoodTask App.

However, it seems there is a performance issue. It takes a minute or so when restarting GoodTask before the tasks show up.

Actually: On my iPad they do not show up at all!


There is performance issue on iOS 13 but it seems like most of it is resolved on iOS 13.1.2. If you haven't updated, please try and check. Things about performance issue is described on below post.

Next update will be focused on stability and performance. I'll do my best to bring it to you soon. Thanks! :slight_smile: