Notes and Dates

I have been using GoodTask to track progress on specific tasks / reminders through the notes section.

Is it possible to configure Good Task such that every time I start a new line in the Notes section that date is added.

While I recognize I could create a Quick Action to do this, is there another better / quicker way such that whenever I hit the enter key start a new line the date is entered in the desired format?

Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback. You need to use Quick Action to add date/time to notes when needed. Thanks!


Kindly explain to me how to create the following Quick Action that could be added at the start of a new line in the note section; specifically, I would like to add

" - 2022MMDD; "

Thank you.

You may check below Log quick action and edit it as you want. Thanks!

Tap to open


It is a great start.

That said, is there anyway to get the date to automatically populate in the YYYYMMDD format or does this need to me manually added?


Options provided are only available on the action. Thanks!

Apologies, I am still a little bit confused, so that would be a no?

These are the available options for timestamp. If you need other types, you need to use your own method. I’ll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!

Appreciate you keeping the YYYYMMDD format as a future consideration.

Apologies but two added observations:

  1. I have created the below Quick Actions. How do I get the Notes and the Timestamp to appear on the same line? That is, I want "- 2022-11-14"

  1. I noticed in creating a Quick Action, I can only use each action once; for example, I want to created a Notes entry that would enter "- 2022-11-14; " but could not enter the ";" because the Note action had already been used to create / enter the "-". Please advise.


  1. Timestamp always starts at a new line
  2. Currently one type of action can be used only once for various reasons. I'll keep it on the list to consider.


Appreciate the response, it makes what I would like to impossible (but, at least I understand why)!

Please consider my three suggestions; namely:

  1. Timestamp format of YYYYMMDD

  2. Timestamp does not automatically start a new line, perhaps with an option to / not to do so.

  3. Ability to use the same type of action more than once.

Thank you!

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