Notes icon request

Hi, I'm trying moving across to GoodTask from Things 3, and I have configured to the GoodTask interface to show only minimal information about each task because this is the way I like it. When it comes to configuring how notes are shown in task display, the options are "None", "1 line", "3 lines" and "All". It'd be great if there was the option to show an icon to indicate that there are notes for this task, without cluttering up the interface by showing the contents of the note. The Things 3 UI does this nicely. Without this option I am currently selecting "None" to keep the interface clean, but this means I have to remember whether there is a note, or I have to open the task to check. Having a notes icon would be a prompt that there is a note.

Hi @tickoff, thanks for using GoodTask.

If you choose None, notes icon will be shown at the detail line.


Ah, I see my mistake now - I also had the Icon option set to "None". Maybe I subliminally didn't consider changing this option because it said "Icon" rather than "Icons" - when I enable it I do indeed see the Notes icon, but I also see the "Repeat" icon. :thinking:

Thanks for the prompt reply.