Notes, Is There a Limit

I use the notes capability / feature to track task progress, mainly meeting details.

I have one task where the notes are very long and as I add notes to the "top section of the note" the notes / text at "the bottom section of the note" have disappeared as have the calendar and the time for the follow up timing.

The one interesting observation is that the text appears lost in the macOS version of GT but not the iOS version of GT.

PS. I deleted the two attachments to the task and the missing text reappeared. I then try to re-add the attachments and the attachments covered the text (i.e., it is as though the attachments are being displayed full size rather than the "bands" one normally sees and are covering the text. The problem is more likely related to the display of the attachments.).


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take a look. Please share some screenshots to if possible. Thanks!

Screenshots sent!

Please let me know should you need anything else.

PS. Related point, how does one delete / remove an image from a note as the only way I was able to remove the images was to delete the attachments on iCloud?

Normally if you right click an attachment, it should show the options. Thanks!

Well, that is not working either!

Over / back to you!

You can right click attachment in item detail pane which will show options, Show in finder and Delete. Thanks!


Any updated to the problem that I am having based the screenshots I sent you?


Please check if you have latest 7.6.2 version installed. If the issue persists, please let me know. Thanks!

Yes, I have version 7.6.2 (1148) installed.