I use the Notes capability / section extensively with some of my need being rather long.

I would very much like to see the following:

  1. Ability to go to the bottom of the notes section quickly;

  2. Ability to format the sections / words of the notes entries as opposed to teh current all / nothing approach; and

  3. Fix the "big gap" that initially appears between the notes section of a task and clock / scheduled follow update / time of the task.

Thank you.

Thanks for using GoodTask.

On iOS, if you tap arrow in a circle (looks like recycle icon) button on bottom left, it'll scroll to next area. If you have long notes, it'll be helpful.

You can use 'Focus' button on top right to show/hide areas except notes and subtasks too if that helps.

You can also edit order inside 'Settings - Appearance - Task Detail' to make it fit on your style.

I don't fully understand your 2,3 feedback. Please explain with more details. Screenshots or screen recordings could be helpful. (You can send it to )


Apologies for the delayed response as I have been jammed at work.

In response please note:

  1. Can you please provide your response in for macOS rather than iOS as macOS is my primary platform for GOT (though I also have the iOS license).

  2. In respect of item 2 in the OP. For example, I would like to be able to underline some of text within the Notes to emphasize its importance. The problem is that when I underlying the selected text, all of the text in the Notes section gets underlined, which defeats the purpose and is useless. Does this clarify things?

  3. In respect of item 3 in the OP. When I open a task which has copious notes I end up at the top of the task. If I then scroll down do the end of teh notes sections these is a large gap / pace between the last note entry and the reminder / time setting (does this clarify things)?


Thanks for the details.

  1. There is no dedicated buttons to scroll on macOS like iOS. I'll keep it on the list to consider.

  2. Currently notes field is saved as plain text which has no formatting. It's stored in notes field from Reminders app's database.

  3. Normally there should be 'Quick Actions' in between Notes and other related buttons. If you're not using Quick Actions, go into 'Settings - Appearances - Task Detail: Edit' and change Quick Actions - Rows to 0.


Appreciated noting:

2.. It would be very helpful to be able to frame the text within the notes section.

  1. The parameter was already set to zero.

There shouldn't be a large gap. It should be normal padding like other area. Would you share screenshot? Thanks!

Yes, next time I see it I will most rtainly share it...stand by!

If it's not happening all the time, please let me know what caused it to happen when it happens next time. Thanks!

It does happen all the time long notes...I have sent you an e-mail with the Dropbox URL...I look forward to your response.

On the subjects of Notes, is there a way to print the Notes pages from the macOS version of GoodTask?

If not, can this please be added as I am headed to a meeting and it would be great to be able to take a printout with me to share with others.


Thanks for the feedback. Currently you can press CMD-P to print but it only supports whole list. You can search and use 'Recent searches' tab to print one for a quick workaround. I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!

Appreciated but that prints the LIST whereas I want to print the NOTE in a reminder which is in a list!

Confirm the latest build fixes the "gap" issue! Very much appreciated!