Notification on ios not showing in Mac-vice versa

When I add a task in either device, the task shows up on both devices. However, I only receive notification of task due on the device that I created it on. I would expect that since the task shows up on both, that I would receive notifications on both?

Hi @gtucj, thanks for using GoodTask.

Notifications on GoodTask relies on the device itself. To get it to work, data needs to be synced properly.

First, check if you have 'Background app refresh' turned on and do not force close the app (swipe up on app switcher).

After that, check if things are syncing well under the hood before opening the app by widget.

If it's not working properly you may want to check Reminders app too to see if data comes in.


The background app refresh was on. I do not use a widget.

For the record I have an Iphone. I know Iphone now has widgetts but I do not utilize them.

As far as data coming in: Data entered on either my phone or my mac desktop shows up on both devices. The problem is the alerts only alert me on the device the data was entered on. How do I get the alerts to alert on both devices?

Thank you for your time.

Seems weird. Would you try below?

  1. Add a task with an alert on iPhone
  2. Open the app on Mac and see if the data came in
  3. Check if alert shows

So. I created a task on the phone. It showed up on the Mac.

The alert came through on both.

So it seems like it's working. If it doesn't fire next time, 'Background App Refresh' didn't run. You may check first reply to check if it's set up properly. Thanks!

No. So it seems that data created from phone is fine. Date created from the Mac shows on both but does not send alert to phone. Phone sends alert to both. What should I do on my Mac?

Please help. I like the GoodTask app, but, it does me no good if I do not receive alerts for data created on the Mac only showing up on Mac. I need the alerts created on Mac showing up on both, Mac and Iphone.

Would you try below?

  • Make a task with alert on Mac
  • Open GoodTask on iPhone and check the task
  • See how it goes

If the alert doesn't fire, send me screenshot of the task detail page to

I emailed the screenshot. I:

-Created alert on Mac
-Saw alert on Mac and Iphone.
-Alert went off on Mac but not iphone.