Notification Preference additional setting for Pre Alert


PRE ALERT Feature request or is this already possible?

As an example, with apple calendars when you create an event, you can set an alert before the event happens by a specified time X hours/Days before.

Since I use reminders quite often instead of calendar, it would be great to have the same type of PRE ALERT feature available in goodtask.

It seems like a notification preference additional setting could be added for the alert itself. Currently it sets the alert to the due date/time, and you can manually set it earlier however there could be a preference to set the alert to do something like x minutes or x hours before the due date/time.


Let's say I set the imagined Alert Preference to = 1 hour before

Then TASK: Meet New Client today at 4 PM could

Set the Date / TIME to today 4 PM

but also auto set the basic alert not to 4 PM but earlier to 3 PM , saving us manually changing it

...working kind of like the apple calendar does...

Does that sound interesting to anybody?


Hi @dealtek, thanks for the feedback.

Currently you can set alerts separately but it can't be set automatically to relative time like you've mentioned. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!


+1 from me as I requested it earlier in the week.


Thanks for you comments. It looks like we are close with Settings for New Task - you can set the alert for The Day - Previous day etc - If in addition it could have - 1 hour - 2 hour - before that would be great....