Notification Question

  • A task at 15:00
  • I checked it at 14:58 (in goodTask, and this task is sync to system reminder)
  • When 15:00, the notification still popup. How to prevent it?

Don't know if this is it but check under Settings > Advanced if "delete alert when completing" is checked.

This option is checked (before this post, always checked), but still popup.

Ok, then I'm afraid I don't know either.

Hi EriKoo, thanks for the feedback.

'Delete alert when completing' option is for outlook tasks which gives certain behavior. It should not give alert regarding this option.

Does the notification pop up on same device you've checked? If it's other, it could be because of sync not done yet. If it's same device, something is going wrong. Try checking notification settings inside the app and default settings app. Try restarting the device and check again.