Notifications in background?


The Goodtask app is set to show a badge icon for overdue tasks. It only works if I open the app at the right time. That is, there can be an overdue task, which shows up on other Reminder-linked apps as a badge icon, but GoodTask shows nothing. But if I open GoodTask and then close it again, the badge icon immediately shows up. The fact that the badge does show up says that my settings are probably right. Does the app not have push notifications or some other way to work in the background? How can I force that to work? The app is not very useful without this.


Hi @Iayork, thanks for using GoodTask. Currently 'Background App Refresh' needs to be ran if the data has been changed elsewhere. If this is turned on inside default settings app, it'll run frequently as 10 minutes to once a day depending on your app usage. iOS figures it out and runs it.

On next update v4.6, badge updates related things work much better on other situations too. It'll come in about a week or two.



Thanks, Background App Refresh is turned on but I guess the System hasn’t figured out the appropriate refresh interval - once a day certainly won’t cut it. I’ll wait for the new release.

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