Office 365 Sync Issues

I have recently started having issues with syncing my tasks to my Office 365 account. This has worked reasonably well in the past but seems broken in the last weeks. I know this is an Apple Reminders issue, as Good Task uses the underlying reminders info, but was hoping someone here had some solution. I am basically seeing inconsistent syncing between my IOS and Mac Good Task apps and Office 365 (which I check either via Outlook or the MS Todo app). Basically, the symptoms are that tasks are not consistently updated changes in the due date, new tasks don't move from Good Tasks consistently to Office 365 and task completion doesn't consistently sync. This is a major issue for me as this framework is my main productivity tool and not being able to rely on it is a real problem for my workflows. Any thoughts or insights would be much appreciated.

MS Todo is a train wreck. I used both Todo and GoodTask until 2 weeks ago when ToDo first refused to show all my tasks, and then after a few days “fixed” it by deleting every task it couldn’t sync. My Outlook on the desktop had the same tasks as GoodNotes / Reminders on iOS, but Todo had lost half of them both on the web and in app. Before that happened, for weeks, I had the same problem that you’re describing.

I’ve removed Todo from all of my devices, and am relying only on Reminders sync.

Agree, don't love Todo for many reasons, but I compare against Outlook and at least Todo syncs ok. Any ideas why Reminders is choking up recently? Am on all the lastest version of Apple OS's

I am actually getting better results letting Outlook (Exchange) sync via Reminders.

After getting my tasks annihilated I suspect the issue is with Todo syncing.

It is my understanding that GoodTask actually doesn't sync directly but uses the underlying default Reminders app/service. Or am I missing something?

You're right, @nkienzl. GoodTask relies on data that Reminders API provides. It seems like Outlook/Exchange have various weird bugs that's on some accounts only which makes it difficult to fix.

On my account, things all work well but I've got several reports about things not working well which are all a bit different.

@Wanderling's case seems like Todo app is running different sync process which may be causing some issues too.

Thank you for your response. Do you have any suggestions on how I might be able to trouble shoot this? Should I disconnect reminders from my outlook account on all devices and reconnect? Any other ideas? Your help is much appreciated.

I can't ensure you anything but you may try below things.

  • Remove MS Todo app and see how things go
  • Re-connect your account. Lighter way would be just turning off Reminders and the hard way would be disconnecting the account completely. While doing this, be sure to follow below order.
  1. Close Reminders/GoodTask app completely
  2. Turn off Reminders or connection
  3. Check Reminders app and give it some time. If it's done, close the app.
  4. Turn it back on
  5. Check Reminders app and give it some time until all data comes in.
  6. Check GoodTask app afterwards.


It may end with all reminders that don't exist on MS servers being wiped out during sync.
You may try moving them to an Apple Reminders list first, then re-establishing sync with MS, then after a successful sync copying them back.

However the issue with due dates changes in Todo not getting reflected in Reminders is definitely due to Todo sync.

Personally, I find it more trouble than it's worth. If Apple ever made a workable Reminders iCloud web app again, I'd ditch MS, at least for personal tasks, and move all tasks to Apple Reminders. It's clear that MS sees Todo as the only future means to work with Outlook tasks, and Todo is a total disaster.