Once learned, is this your process? (EverythingGoodTask)

Exploring and liking what I see so far. For my use, likely just to sub to the iOS version (would love the Mac, but too $$ considering my light needs).

Seems to me once ingrained, I’d use GT in the future for all calendar and reminders needs (on iPhone/iPad). Don’t see a need to use the native apps for appts./tasks, so seems they are the sync devices used. On the Mac without GT… well, there’s Calendar and Reminders there.

Is this how others are using GT once learned? Seems like an obvious question, but wanted to check my logic.

Thanks for using GoodTask. As you said, GoodTask uses data from Reminders and Calendars so you may use apps that use same data if needed. There are some features that's only available on GoodTask (or Reminders) so you may want to be aware of that. (i.e Repeat after completion, tags, etc). Thanks!

I think you can certainly use GoodTask as a unified view of reminders and calendar items, but I still use both the native Calendar app and Fantastical for different calendar views, and for managing appointments with invitations.