"Open tasks" App-Icon-Symbol/ Complication


I have a smartlist that contains my tasks for the day. The list contains overdue tasks, tasks due today, tasks with today's start date, and untimed tasks with a specific text tag. Works fine. The app icon symbol is also derived from this list. On the Mac and iPhone, all tasks are counted except those that are in the list because of the start date. The number on the list itself is correct. The Apple Watch works differently (and from my understanding correct); the AW complication displays ALL tasks of the list in the complication, even if the tasks with the start date.
I haven't found a setting variant that displays the same number of open tasks on all three devices, feels a bit confusing...




Hi Thomas, thanks for the feedback.

Yes, counting is a bit different on Apple Watch. Default option will count all the tasks on the list and 'Overdue' option will count overdue tasks only. While choosing 'Overdue', you can select options below to add on to the count. If you choose same options, it should match the one with the iOS app.



I’m ok with the way the Apple Watch works, as the Watch shows exactly the number of open tasks. I don’t understand the setting for iPhone/ Mac. As stated before, all tasks are counting for the symbol, except for the tasks with today’s start date and a later due date. Even tasks without any date are counting.
Is this really expected behavior? Shouldn’t there be a setting to have the symbol show the same number as the list itself? Maybe it’s me, but I don’t get this working.


Actually they're basically the same except that default is different.

You can choose 'All Items' in Settings - General - App Icon Badge and the count will show you the number of tasks on that list.

Other than that, you can choose 'Default' with items included at the bottom which is identical to 'Overdue' on Apple Watch count option.



The selection "All items" shows the "forgotten" tasks, but then also the calendar entries in the icon, I actually did not want that. Maybe I just don't understand how this should work, but whatever I try, I can't get AW and iPhone to show the same number of open tasks. I guess I have to live with that at the moment.

I don't want to complain, but wouldn't it be easiest to simply use the same setting for the Watch as for the iPhone? That' s how I know it from other similar applications. Is it really useful to have different numbers of open tasks on the AW & iPhone for the same list? The individual settings with different parameters, different defaults (and different results) are very confusing in my opinion.


Yes, you're right. It started with one default value but adding on to the settings has made this complicated solution.

Calendar events are different between the two as you've mentioned.

I'll keep this on the list and will try to improve it on later updates. Thanks!


I’m looking forward to future updates :slight_smile: