Outlined vs Solid Alert Icon and the Latter Not Showing Past Due

Hi. Can anyone explain this? Please see attached images.

Two tasks, both due at the same date and time (due about 3 hours ago):

  • One has an outlined alarm icon and is, correctly, showing past due.
  • The other has a solid icon and is not showing as past due.

I don't understand the difference. I think I created one in GoodTask and one in Reminders using Siri; however, I can't see any difference in the task details. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi @joelmcintosh, thanks for using GoodTask.

Alert icon differs as if it’s same with due date or not. Solid one is when due date and alert is not same.

On your example, solid one is shown for the task with due date with no time. It’s not highlighted as red since it’s not overdue yet. No time tasks will get highlighted the next day. Highlight works with due dates not alert times.


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