Outlook Categories


Liking the app. The direct integration to outlook on the iphone is amazing.

Might be missing something but are outlook categories replicable in the app i.e. when creating a task on the phone, you can add that outlook category?

Hope makes sense


Hi Oakley, thanks for the feedback. GoodTask manages data from Apple's Reminders app and unfortunately Outlook's categories are not accessible at the moment. If Apple connects it on later iOSs, GoodTask might be able to manage them too. :wink:

Try asking Apple directly and it'll push them a bit. Who knows how iOS will change on next version. :blush:

I'll keep an eye on it too. Thanks!


I think the app offers me enough that I can manage enough without categories. Your integration into outlook natively is amazing. Still testing but highly likely to buy!!


I think using GoodTask’s plaintext categories is actually superior to Outlook category, since the same categories can be reused / replicated pretty much in any system so you can actually have global system wide tagging and retrieval of items of different kinds. I’ve been using this approach for years, and GoodTask fits very nicely into it.

The only small issue is that neither Microsoft, nor I believe Apple (on Mac) allow searching for special characters, so the search for #Project will also find any instance of the word “project” (too many false positives). So instead of the default hashtag, I use letters, like this:



(I can use multiple different combinations of letters, as long as the resulting tag is a single unique word it will work.)

So I can tag emails, notes, documents, spreadsheets, files, tasks, calendar events, etc, with same tags, and use Windows Search to find all of them.

And in Outlook, I can set up custom views with filters to only show items that contain specific tags, or use conditional formatting to change item’s color and font based on the tag (e.g. color items tagged “llHot” red and make them bold and underlined.) It’s actually very easy and straightforward.

Finally, I use a freeware called “Texter” on Windows, and set up iOS custom keyboard shortcuts, so that I can type any tag using only three letters (e.g. “llu” for “llFollowUp”).

This system is very future proof - I’ve been able to use tags in the same records on different devices, different apps, different operation systems.

And as I said, GoodTask fits into it perfectly. The use of plaintext tags, the ability to specify a custom tag identifier, the ability to put tags at the end of the subject, just perfect.

Sorry for the long winded post :slight_smile: