Outlook reminders instead of iCloud


Hi, I get it that Goodtask is primarily for iCloud reminders but are there any known limitations, apart from location-based reminders, when using Outlook reminders instead? Or will Outlook reminders work equally good with iphone, iPad and apple watch with Goodtask? Thanks.


iCloud works best but Outlook database works pretty well too. There are things like priority that's mainly different with iCloud & Reminders (which has default as mid priority). Also some exchange servers may not sync right away on all devices like iCloud does. (Well, iCloud has sync issues randomly too :sweat_smile:)

But basically it works well. Thanks!


Thanks a lot for the clarification. I did try it out and even though it seems to work, I actually had some sync issues between my iPhone and Apple Watch. Like duplicated lists and so forth. I’ll stick with iCloud. I always have my iPhone and Apple Watch nearby anyway and it’s easier to add reminders on them too. And goodtask is so flexible and pleasant to use. Thanks!