Overdue color changes (time and day tasks)

I have noticed there are two items that change colors when an item becomes overdue. First, the task title itself. I was able to change this to off in the theme settings by highlighting it to the original color. The second thing that changes is the time below the task, it changes to match my list color. If I give a task a time it changes to the color once the time passes. However, items marked “due today” with no time it doesn’t change colors. How can I either have timed and untimed items ‘all’ change colors or ‘none’ change colors? I have “overdue tasks on current date” checked which is why they show on my todo list. Thanks!

Edit: I found where I can turn off “highlight overdue title” which works instead of my theme route. However, I don’t think “highlight today section” does what i was hoping (remove the time passing highlight/add highlight for overdue items without a time, I.e., day of).

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

As you said, you can turn off option inside Appearance for title highlighting.

You can’t turn off color change for date though. I’ll keep it on the list to consider.



Thanks for the response! Is there a way to make ones simply marked “today” but no time also change colors. So everything on my overdue list has changed colors not just the items that had a time? Thanks again.

Thanks for the suggestion. Tasks without time is not technically overdue until it's tomorrow. :sweat_smile:

I recommend you to set options on 'Settings - Sort - No Time: Last' to match the behavior.

I'll consider adding option to include no time task to overdue smart lists or not.


Would like this too, to clean things up. Not super important though.