Overdue for today only in week list

Hi all hope you are well.

I have a week list that I’ve hidden over due tasks from by adding filter for overdue and then selecting invert to hide them. My overdues can sometimes stack up until I find a time to reschedule them.

However, the overdues today are still in “today’s” plan but I’ve now hidden them.

Is there a way to show the over dues for just today?

Does anyone have a better way of managing over due items?

I would love auto reschedule if that’s ever achievable. An item becomes X hours over due will be rescheduled by X days....

Thank you as always for such a great app

Hi @Themikeyd, thanks for the feedback.

You can set filter 'Scheduled: Today' and this will show tasks for today only without overdue items.

Since filters apply for whole smart list, I recommend you to use separate smart list. Thanks!

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