Overdue tasks but not future tasks

Is there a code of date filters that allows for:

all calendar events for the day, even events happening in the future

overdue tasks

only the all day and timed tasks up to this point in the day for today's tasks

I want all the tasks up to current time (not ones with a time set for 3 hours from now, for example) and overdue tasks. But I also want all the calendar events for today, like an agenda.

When I add the filters that seem like this would work (today, not future clicked OR overdue), it includes past events for the month.

Thanks so much!

When you set overdue filter, calendar events for past month is fetched together. If you hide completed tasks with the button on top right, it should be hidden.

Using ‘within 1 day’ will include overdue tasks and today’s task but also include later tasks for today.


Thanks so much, that's very helpful!