Past days showing up today


Hi, I just noticed that if you have a calendar event for several days, the first day still is in the list on the last day of the event. I would prefer that this cal event should show up only on today if today is the last day. Hope this made some sense. On this screenshot you can see that yesterday is still visible in the "today" view.


Hi @BoEast, it seems like your calendar event has 'Yesterday~Today' date range which means its end date is today. That's why it's shown on today day view.

About sections, calendar event gets start date as section which made that event to be under 3/30.

I assume you're asking for that event to be under 3/31 section. Am I right?


Hi, sorry for being a bit unclear. Yes. I just want to see today's date today :slight_smile: including whatever event is there (even if it started several days ago). Like in this screenshot from Google calendar. Thanks. (BTW. Thanks for a great update)


It's related to other things which makes it a bit complicated. I'll take a look and will check on later updates. Thanks!


I really appreciate your availability here and even though it may sound as if I expect this to be fixed easily, I totally understand that you might be limited to restrictions you have no control over.

A workaround could be to make today look different as suggested before. Thanks again.