Performance issue on iOS 13

Thanks for using GoodTask.

On iOS 13, there are some performance issues when you have more than several hundred tasks including completed ones. This gets better on iOS 13.1 but it's still worse than iOS 12 which worked well with thousands.

(Edited : Performance seems to have improved on iOS 13.1.2. It may need some indexing time.)

I'm preparing some updates to improve this but meanwhile you can do the followings to make it work better.

  1. You can remove completed tasks.
  • Go into 'Settings - Advanced' and delete completed tasks. You can delete them all or delete with date options.
  • Go into 'Settings - Lists & Calendars' and you can delete completed tasks per list.
  1. If you prefer to keep all completed tasks, you can uncheck lists that's large and make new ones.
  • Go into 'Settings - Lists & Calendars' and uncheck the lists.

With few hundred tasks, it should work pretty well. I'll do my best to bring more updates soon.

Thanks! :wink:

Thanks for the response!
I went and deleted any completed over a year ago (which should clear out a lot, since I've been using GoodTask for awhile), but still no luck on getting active tasks to appear.

I tend to use the All Lists on Day view most often.

What's weird to me is that the count on all my categories seem accurate, except for the All Tasks--still says "0"

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Would you try checking off some lists and see how it goes? You can see how many completed tasks you have by tapping more button inside a list or using 'Settings - General - Show Completed Count : On'.

I cleared out the big lists, and still not working right.
I can go through subcategories and see the tasks fine, but All Lists is not compiling from the other lists, so its total is showing as "0"

This seems like some different issue. Would you check below?

  • Go into 'Settings - Lists & Calendars' and see if lists are properly visible and checked
  • Go into 'Edit List' for 'All Lists' and see if Lists are properly selected.


Thank you! That second one did it--seems with the update to iOS13, all the lists got deselected.

There's still a lag before tasks populate or before it disappears when I mark one completed, but I'm glad it's at least working again!

Great! I'll do my best to improve it soon. Thanks!

Thank you so much for your help!

Sorry, it’s a bit off topic but I’m wondering how did you made space between you lists? (I.e between “wishing a week” and “recent”)

Hi @Mehdiem, when you make a new list, it'll gain a space. You can drag and drop lists to arrange them. Thanks!

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Thanks! I had noticed that the new list would create a gap but never thought of use it to manipulate my order list orders! Thanks!

Just wanted to describe my experience with upgrading to iOS13.1:

After I upgraded to iOS13.1 and upgraded Good Task to the latest, I was hit with really sluggish performance IN GT: e.g. tasks taking a minute or more to become visible). I've been using the Reminders on my phone for years, so I definitely have a ton of old completed tasks!

I tried to use the advanced command to remove completed tasks, recommended above, but it didn't work for me. It would either instantly return to the preferences screen without doing anything, or crash the app. I force quit the app, restarted the phone, and tried again with the same results.

What finally worked was replacing the old overweight-with-completed-tasks reminder lists with new ones. I created a new list, and moved my active reminders to it. Then in GoodTask I unselected the old list and selected the new one. Instantly, the app started to behave as expected.


Dear dsroka,

Your advice saved my life.

My GoodTask is actually usable again.


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