Performance on 4.9.2


I have been having really rough performance on 4.9.1 and 4.9.2. On the latest build, I’m getting frequent freezes. For instance, if I make a task complete, the app freezes for several seconds.

Often if I switch to another app and then back quickly, GoodTask shows the splash screen for several seconds, which I think means it crashed in the background.

Also: shortcuts that use the “complete task” action (which I believe worked in 4.9.1) no longer work—I get an error because they time out (I’m guessing because GoodTask is crashed or frozen in the background).

I’m using 13.2 on XS max. I haven’t upgraded reminders database.

Happy to help troubleshoot in whatever ways are useful.


Hi @derekvan, thanks for the feedback.

First try restarting the device. After that, open the app and check if everything is synced well. And then check if actions work.

I've checked and completing shortcut should normally work. If the issue persists, send me details including screenshots or screencasts if possible to (also database you're using if you're not using iCloud).



Ok, turns out this was a reminders sync issue. Something got messed up on my phone. Turned iCloud reminders on and off again and now GoodTask is working fine.

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