Persistent Add New Task Window - Mac OS Issue

Hi there, when you toggle the add new task window on, then type in information, then toggle it off to work on other things, when you open it back up all the information is gone.

This can be frustrating sometimes given I'll be making a task and planning out a subtask with other materials which I'm toggling between.

Also it would be nice if there was a hotkey for add more, maybe cmd enter since enter just adds a single dialog.


Hi @FrankOhara, thanks for the feedback.

New task window can't be hidden and will lose info if you close it. When you close the window, it's like your clicking cancel button.

You can use Command-Shift-Enter to run 'Add More'.


PS. You can edit 'Preferences - New Task - Add More: Edit' to set whether which fields 'add more' action clears.