Phone widget not populating if use all lists

Hey there, it seems if I have a total of 700 or more reminders (have several lists that i then filter and display with good task) the widgets do not populate. Any pointers? If i disable enough lists to hit below 700 my filter showing my 25 most recent reminders works otherwise it is blank. The app seems to work fine but I mostly use widgets and watch app, watch app breaks also havnt tried using it in a while.

Hi @Ki11in, thanks for the feedback. As you may already know, widget and watch apps have limits in general due to the constraints that OS has. I recommend keeping those components small for better usage. Normally just keeping it as 'Day' view mostly resolves it.


Its been working intermittently not sure why. I try to limit the lists to 50 items perhaps ios stops it for 10mins if I try troubleshoot too many times or is limiting speed. Wish they wouldn’t gatekeep the data so hard

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I just upgraded to newest iPhone which prob helps with any excessive delays I’ve noticed in the past parsing all my reminders on 6s

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Still having trouble with this no lists appear on widget for days. I can disable many lists and begins to work. How can I troubleshoot perhaps a bad reminder or is there a maximum reminder limit? Have 2000

How many do you have in particular view you’re using? Even if you have that many reminders, I assume you don’t want to see them all in the widget.

I recommend making a smart list that you want to see on widget and use that one for better usage.


I second that. Smart lists are one of the super powers of Goodtask. If you need any help, just ask here. We are glad to help you.

I have a smart list of 7 recent tasks and it doesn’t populate

I need smart lists to work

I had a few smart lists and deleted them all thinking it would help

Thanks for the details. Does all smart lists show same like that screenshot? Would you check after restarting the device? Thanks!

Thank you for looking through it with me does shutting down and turning on “reset” or does it need to be a hard reset.

This list is updating correctly on my watch curiously

It's just restarting the device. Settings app - General - Shut down, and then back on. Thanks!