Please add autofill #tags

Would be very handy when you are in Notes field you can add tags which autofill with the one already made within in Goodtask. So like #shop #shops # shopping etc .... you want to use one unique so the smart list made for me to filter list by tags secure that nothing goes outside

Hopefully is this quick feature for an upcoming release.

BTW i really like the way to make your own text snippets to quickly add complex date or move an task to list :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

I would like that feature a lot too. I'm also looking for a way to add quickly tags i used before. A button opening a list with all tags used so far would be great. Next I would expect to tap on every tag I want to use an than close the window with another tab.
Tags are already great implemented and great way to use the App flexible :slight_smile: Thanks!


This would indeed be super great. Just automatically add any text that starts with # to the tag list, and it would be even better if tapping on a tag in that list could run a search for it and generate a list of tasks that use it.