Please add Search for with url scheme

Please give us an option for search for text or tags by an "url scheme or shortcut" it would be make my workflow better in combination with Launch Centre Pro. Which this i could get rid of some smartlist which are only made by me to filter quick most used tags.

For now i have 6 Reminders List and 10 smart list for tags.


Hi @DimitryJacobs, thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider.

Since search only lasts while you do the search, keeping a smart list could be better in long run though.


Maybe you are right about smart list but Serch for is handy in some situation, to quick search outside the App to search within Goodtask System

Any news on adding "search for text" to url scheme, this will solve many of my problems t o build smart list for every tag i used

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Improving search is on the list pretty high but not quite there yet. :sweat_smile:

Came back to the forum to search for precisely this. I'm building a shortcut to filter reminders based on tags I've used in GoodTask. It's not pretty (turns out that extracting hashtags from text strings in Shortcuts is not exactly a speedy process) but it works. Quite sad, though, that I can't just select a tag and pass it directly to a search field in GoodTask...

Using smart lists to filter for tags works well in certain circumstances, but my stack of smart lists for this purpose got way out of control! I just deleted a whole set of them that were crufting up my sidebar.

Being able to push tags/keywords to a search via the url scheme would be awesome, and would save a lot of headaches...

That said, I would not be upset if a way of managing/filtering tags within GoodTasks is a higher priority on the list right now... :wink:

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Yes, it is. :slight_smile:

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Just saw the latest beta release. Elegantly done. Consider me happy. :slight_smile:


Follow up request: would it be possible to set the default view for a search via the URL scheme? Had a moment where I thought the search was failing, but I realised I was searching for a reminder scheduled later in the week with my view set to “day”. Ideally (IMHO) search view would be set to “list” by default, but if we could specify a preference on a per-search basis, that would be amazing!

e.g. goodtask3://search?keyword=[prompt:Keyword]&list=[prompt:List]&view= prompt:View]

Thanks :wink:

I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!