PopClip Extension

Hi folks. Just wondering if anyone here uses PopClip and has created a PopClip extension to turn selected text into a GoodTask task?

I've looked at the documentation at https://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-your-own-custom-extension-for-popclip--mac-50637 But for me (not very technically savvy), it looks daunting, so if anyone has some suggestions as to how to get started I'd really appreciate it!

Take care, Peter

Hi @peterb999, thanks for using GoodTask.

Feedback would be the right category. Tips & How-to's are not meant for questions or requests.

I don't personally use PopClip so I'm not aware of it but I'll take a look. Thanks

I haven't tested but made an extension based on Services that GoodTask has. Thanks!

Many thanks. This works well. I may enhance this (now I have something to work with) and post it back to the forum, but it's a great start!

Um.... Does anyone know how I might add a specific GoodTask list to this extension? Thanks!

Hi @peterb999,

'Services' that this extension uses can only add a task on default list that's set inside 'Preferences - New Task'.


Oh, thanks for that - that's what it looked like to me. Is there any way to use another service that enables you to specify a list?

You can use URL scheme to make a task to other lists but I'm not aware of a way to use PopClip extension in that regard. Thanks!

Great - PopClip extensions can use URL schemes, so I'll look into that! Many thanks.

Can anyone, please, post a PopClip Extension that uses a URL scheme? If I have something to start from I can probably manage it... Thanks! (Sorry for my technical incompetence!)