Possible Problem with Favorites Button

First, I love GoodTask. Great app. I use it everyday. However, with the latest update it seems to be doing something odd.

When I add a new function to the Favorites menu (the big Star), it stays a while, but then seems to go away. Specifically, last night I added three specialized “add task” functions, but this morning they are gone.

Has anyone seen this? Any suggestions?

Thanks much.


Hi @TomC, thanks for using GoodTask.

If you have long list of favorites, it could be hidden. Try swiping while items are shown. If it's purely gone inside the settings page, you might want to check if sync is working properly. Go into 'Settings - iCloud Sync' and see if you see proper device and time under each items. GoodTask uses files in iCloud Drive to sync the settings. You might want to check if iCloud is working properly.