Postpone / Delay recurring tasks


I’m new to GoodTask and absolutely love the functionality it provides! (Switching from Todoist). I can’t seem to find any documentation on one thing though…

Is there a way to postpone a recurring task until its next recurring date in the pattern? For example, a weekly task that can only be done on Sunday, but I either can’t or don’t want to do it today… how do we put the task off until the next time it is due so that it doesn’t remain in my overdue view all week?

I’ve looked at creating a Quick Action to accomplish this, but depending on “when“ I actually postpone the task (Sunday or Monday for instance), using an Action like “+ 1 week” will not always land the task on the correct next cycle date.

Thanks for any advice on this.


In your example, use a Quick Action of "Sunday" and I think it will do what you are seeking.


Hi @Phil, thanks for using GoodTask.

As you said, there is no function to change due date to next exact date. You can change due dates to later dates and if it's before the upcoming due date, completing it should work like you've deferred it.

Or you may just simply complete it to make the next one. (Possible feature : After doing it, the task could be marked as canceled or such)

I'll put the feature on the list to consider. Thanks!