Powerful Shortcut Goodtask + Agenda

I will copy the text I put in Agenda Forum as it is the same and I think is good explained.

Well, I have wrote too much posts today because I have spent all the day playing with shortcuts and I go from no understanding callbacks to feel pretty comfortable.

Before anything: I have inspired the shortcut in one seen in this forum, but can’t remember the user, I would edit after check it.

Explanation: The original shortcut take rich text but I can’t figure it out so I use text, that also make it work with all types of content: articles, messages, etc.
The shortcut takes text. It makes the first line the title, and all the rest of the text to notes. Now it goes the tricky part.

I don’t know how to auto obtain or autoapend the note identifier so I have to copy the agenda link manually to the note (new or already created)

If the text include agenda:// It creates a reminder and as I use goodtask, it makes subtasks all the lines that start with -[ ] and completed if [x].
The rest of the text is added in reminder’s notes. And it obtains the agenda URL and insert it into the reminder.
Finally it append a goodtask callback to agenda that opens the task automatically.

I created a project called Listas for the imported texts, you can change in the URL step above the “if not”

It’s very powerful even for import stuff quickly. Take a look and let me feedback.

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I don't use Agenda, but this seems interesting. Kudos!

Instead of replacing "- [ ]" with "[ ]" and then replacing "- [x]" with "[x]", could you not just replace "- [" with "[" for the same effect?

Yeah! Good advice, I haven't thought about that. I'm gonna keep in my way for it be compatible con math operations but it's a really good point

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