Prevent automatically adding alerts from Reminders

When using other applications (e.g. Reminders or Fantastical) to add or manipulate tasks it automatically adds alerts when add / changing due date and time options. This seems to be the default way Reminders works. I've got GoodTask set up to not automatically add alerts (I only use them in specific cases) while still using due dates and times.

Is there a way to prevent applications like Reminders or Fantastical to add alerts (I'm assuming there isn't as they follow standard practice?) or alternatively: is there a way for GoodTask to remove alerts from externally changed tasks?

Thanks for the feedback. There is no way to remove alerts automatically. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

For anyone also experiencing this 'problem' my workaround:

  • Add alerts by default (e.g. based on due time)
  • Tag anything want to receive alerts for with a tag "#alert"
  • Create a smart list "Alerts" with a filter for the tag "#alert"
  • Set GoodTask to send notifications only for the smart list "Alerts"
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