Did the pricing model change?? Seemed GT was a subscription a while back??
Regardless, can 't find much info about the upgrade cycle and associate pricing if any.

Please share, and you all at GT might want to put more info on the website.

Hi @DanBrooks, thanks for the feedback. The pricing hasn't changed. You can get one time purchase in both iOS and Mac App Store.

There are supporting options but it's optional. Thanks!

Supporting options?? Please explain or provide a link.

Upgrade costs?? Wondering how often and how much.

You can get 'Unlock everything' on iOS version to unlock the app with one time purchase. Mac version is sold as pay upfront model in Mac App Store.

There are 'Support once' and 'Supporter' option in iOS version which are optional. It's been added since the app has been updated without additional cost for many many years.


Very good to hear.
I am a fan of BusyMac's and Agenda's pricing model, where you buy once, get all upgrades for 18 or 12 months then pay again if/when you feel the updates are worth it. But they only charge once, which covers all platforms.

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