Problem viewing lists


  1. Tasks no longer show in Day view in both regular lists or Smart Lists.
  2. Tasks do not display correctly in List view, in that the top several tasks are cut off at the top of the screen.

When the problem started: Nov 13 or 14. (May have been associated with the update to Ventura? or new update to Goodtask? not certain...)

System and Version: System MacOS - Ventura 13.1; Goodtask 7.3

As a side note the problem does not exist with IOS or PadOS all works fine.

See screenshot views of problems.

Hi @JeffA, thanks for the feedback.

Would you share some detail screen recordings to ?


Problem was resolved by noon 11/17/22. Thank you!

Curious, what was the fix?

I dont know, it fixed itself. I had Goodtask open all morning, thats when I took the screen shots. No restart of iMac, never closed the app for that matter.When I looked it at noon it was working as it had previously no more problems??