Problem with reminder notifications on IOS/Evaluation

I'm evaluating the Mac and IOS versions of GT. The Mac version seems to handle reminder notifications properly, while the IOS version seems to have notification issues. All devices in my testing are running the latest Apple and GT software. Here is what I found:

Using two Macs, an iPhone, and an iPad, I set up a test task due in a couple minutes. I enabled notifications for both Reminders and GT on all devices.

When the task modification of the due date is done on a Mac:

  1. On both Macs, notification is proper (both GT and Reminders notifications happen)
  2. On both IOS devices, only the Reminders notification happens,

When the task modification of the due date is done an IOS device:

  1. On both Macs, notification is proper (both GT and Reminders notifications happen)
  2. On the IOS device where the modification was made, notification is proper UNLESS the GT app is running with the screen open (in which case only the Reminders notification happens). In other words, notification will be proper on this device only if a different app is shown running or the device is in sleep mode.
  3. On the other IOS device where modification was NOT made, only the Reminders notification happens.

BTW, I'm very certain that the Reminders and GT due date/times are properly being synched across all devices. It is only the IOS notification aspect that seems to be iffy. As this notification functionality is critical for my use, I am hoping there is some setting I have overlooked. Please advise. Thanks!


Hi Craig, thanks for the feedback.

As you may already know, GoodTask relies on Reminders database and its sync mechanism. To run a notification, GoodTask needs to run after the data has been synced.

Currently on iOS devices, it relies on 'Background App Refresh' which is handled by iOS itself to run as frequently as once per 10 minutes to once a day. This is decided by iOS upon the usage of the app.

If you use the app frequently, it usually gets the notification right. But if you rely heavily on directness of all the notifications, it would be better to use Reminders app's notification.

I'll keep your feedback and will seek for better way in the future if possible. Thanks!

As a non-IOS programmer, I appreciate your brief but cogent explanation. I guess we'll have to wait until Apple adds some ability such as allowing an app to request a priority background refresh for itself (ala location arrivals) when certain other apps either receive or send a notification and/or perform some non-trivial background processing (as defined by that application [such as any change to the underlying Reminders database]).

I am very impressed with your program, but have to do a little soul searching as to whether or not I purchase it at this time given the limitation imposed by Apple.

Thanks again and no need for a reply :slight_smile:

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